Are you looking for the Jackpot Quest slot review? We’re learning about some unusual decisions made in terms of the gaming area and how it is set up in a game with comic book-style graphics. 

It’s called Jackpot Quest, a slot machine that, despite its name, does not give a progressive jackpot. Overall, the machine has some potential, but, as before, it does not deliver anything of the sort implied by the title.

Summary of Jackpot Quest Slot Review

You may anticipate a game with a very huge playing field, 6×6 reels rotating, and 40 active lines for them. You can win up to 1,000 times your total bet on each spin, and since re-spins are an option, the potential can increase quickly. 

Win Respins, scatters, and additional features provided by the Ruby Talisman are a few of the significant symbols used in Jackpot Quest.

1. Betting Options

The Stake option may be found in the lower left corner and will bring up a choice with values ranging from $0.20 to $100. This sum bet always covers all 40 of Jackpot Quest’s active lines.

The greatest winnings in this game will be made by a Golden Slot symbol with a 777 combo on its screen. Six of these symbols in a row will pay out up to $2,500 or 25 times the total bet. With so many of these symbols on the screen, there is a chance to win $100,000 for each spin or re-spin. 

The available combinations are a little dispersed because the game includes stacked symbols but only 40 lines for a large gaming area with 36 symbols on it.

2. Slot Features

The re-spins that are triggered anytime you generate winning combos with high-value icons play a major role in how the game rewards you. Re-spins that follow will keep winning symbols in their current locations; only the other symbols will move. 

If additional symbols are added to the winning combinations, they are also locked, and the feature continues with additional respins. Only when there are no more winning symbols added do the respins come to an end. 

The game does not calculate your prize until this ends, so you receive it at the conclusion rather than after each respin.

  • As scatter symbols that must occur in combination with a Super Symbol in order to activate their feature, Ruby Talisman symbols are also quite significant.
  • Golden Slot: When paired with a Golden Slot icon, it will only offer you symbols of this type on the reels, replacing any high value icons that are already present.
  • Random symbols are transformed into Satchel icons by Satchel.
  • Whip again changes unrelated symbols into Whip images.
  • Regular symbols are changed into more valuable map icons by the map.

3. Theme and Design

Jackpot Quest is all about adventure in long-lost temples, the kind of thing that Indiana Jones is known for, so don’t enter expecting a new plot. 

The same story has been told by a large number of slot machines, but fortunately for this one, it is being told considerably more effectively than most of its rivals. 

The game showcases both pictures of a hero, along with satchels, maps, whips, and other relevant visuals, and has excellent comic book style graphics. But most of the time, the Royals will still take up a lot of space on the reels. Play with judi slot online jackpot terbesar.

Our Conclusion

In the end of Jackpot Quest slot review, although this game has a fantastic design, there are a lot of other things to enjoy about it, like its unique gameplay and a vast range of features that provide variation and reduce boredom.

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