Do you need this Hand of Anubis review for the guide to gain your winnings? It’s noteworthy to note that the Ancient Egyptian god Anubis is frequently depicted as beneficent. Anubis is frequently encountered in his jackal statue form in slots, for example. 

That can’t have been edgy enough for Hacksaw Gaming, who has chosen to use the god in an entirely different way in their online slot, Hand of Anubis.

Not to be forgotten, Anubis was the god who weighed the heart of the recently deceased against a feather to determine what kind of eternity they would have in the hereafter. Since eternity is a very long period, that is some incredible power and duty.

Summary of Hand of Anubis Review

Because the jackal-headed god does not appear very pleased in this game, players who choose Hand of Anubis may question if the weight of their acts has come up short. A steely blue-eyed jackal-headed deity stands on one side of the grid, while an equally steely red-eyed deity stands on the other. 

Game Design

Throughout the game, Hacksaw has utilized a black palette, and while there is a pyramid in the background, Hand of Anubis is the polar opposite of what most Egypt-themed games look like. 

There’s a mix of Stakelogic’s Gods of Death and ELK’s Cygnus, with a ripped jackal thrown in for good measure. It’s dark and ominous, and it’s probably not for the faint of heart if you’re a fan of Egypt.

Volatility and Return to Player

The game’s layout is likewise evocative to ELK, with 30 symbols falling into a 5-column, 6-row panel on each spin, with the goal of landing clusters of at least 5 adjacent matching symbols. Volatility is rated 5 out of 5, which is no laughing matter in a Hacksaw slot. 

Check out the RTP settings, which range from 96.24% to 36.92% with a hit frequency of 36.92%. Bet levels range from 10p/c to £/€100 per paid drop, and any device can be used to host the action.


Pay Symbols

Players are given ten standard tiles with which to construct clusters. On the lower side of the paytable, 10-A card ranks are available, with five golden jeweled Egyptian style tokens as the highs. 

Wins consisting of 5 low symbols are worth 0.1x the stake, and wins consisting of 11 or more symbols are rewarded up to 15x the wager. Landing 5 high payouts will reward you with 0.3-1x your stake, as well as up to 11+ premium clusters worth 20-60 times your bet.

Game Features

Soul Orbs, an Underworld bonus game, a Judgement bonus game, and feature buy options are all included in Hand of Anubis.

1. Soul Orbs

A red Soul Orb, a blue Soul Orb, or both may appear at any time in the main game. Orbs are progressive multiplier wild symbols. 

The multiplier of the red Soul Orb increases by +1 for each symbol within every winning cluster, whereas the multiplier of the blue Soul Orb increases by +1 per winning cluster. 

Multipliers are added to every win in which the Orbs are involved, and they multiply each other if there are multiple Orbs implicated.

2. Underworld

The Underworld extra round is triggered by hitting exactly three bonus symbols, and it takes place in an even more sinister setting than the original game. The first thing to notice is the five digits below the grid, each of which is a multiplier that starts at zero. 

The amount of winning symbols on each reel is added to the relevant multiplier below it whenever a winning cluster appears. Anubis Skull symbols can also hit; when they do, the number underneath them is multiplied by x2, x3, x4, x5, or x10.

These lower multiplier values, on the other hand, are dormant at first and must be activated by a green Soul Orb landing above them on a corresponding reel. +3 spins are provided each time a number is activated. 

The aggregate of all active multipliers is applied to winning clusters, which is just as crucial, if not more so. Each multiplier has a maximum value of x9,999.

3. Judgement

Judgement is triggered by landing four bonus symbols. Regular symbols are deleted in this game, and only blank or special blocks land. 

This hold & win round begins with three spins, each with a multiplier above it (similar in fashion to Chaos Crew). When Multiplier Modifier Blocks land, the multiplier above them is now increased.

When an Ice Block is dropped, the vacant area is filled by a Multiplier Block, which takes the value of the multiplier above it. Multiplier Blocks stack at the bottom of the grid at the end of a spin, while blank blocks are removed. 

Then comes the next drop. Crusher blocks may also land, shattering Multiplier Blocks beneath them and combining their values into a single block. The spin count was also reset to three by Crushers. 

The bonus ends after three consecutive spins without hitting a Multiplier Block, Multiplier Modifier Block, or Crusher.

4. Buy Bonus

Players can utilize the feature purchase button to buy their way into the Underworld bonus for 129x the wager (RTP 96.29%) or Judgement for 200x the bet (RTP 96.29%) (RTP 96.18%).

Final Words

Hacksaw Gaming’s inventiveness has to be admired. There are as many Egyptian-themed slots as grains in a handful of desert sand, but none are as good as Hand of Anubis. 

There isn’t a single growing sign in sight, and the studio has removed all of the flashy, golden, physical slot trim that normally accompanies these kinds of games. Well, technically, it’s a cluster pays game, but you get the idea. 

Hacksaw has proven once again that they are masters of creating dark, brooding slots that are enjoyable to play. Finally, that is slot game online Hand of Anubis review.

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