Dan Bilzerian is one of the most divisive figures in poker, and he has ruffled a few feathers in the process. The explosive influencer was no different from his self-assuming self on his most recent appearance on Doug Polk’s program. Polk and Bilzerian, on the other hand, would not discuss the $100 million game that the latter is allegedly seeking to set up against billionaire Alec Gores.

Polk, the founder of Upswing Poker and one of the game’s most well-known training community portals, has decided to question Bilzerian about where his money came from. If you ask Bilzerian, he’ll proudly tell you that he made it all himself, by playing poker at GGPoker.

Bilzerian Shuts Polk on Claims about Origins of His Wealth

Many in the GGPoker community, however, have disputed the GGPoker ambassador’s statements. Polk is one of the few people who still doubt Bilzerian’s claim that he made all of his money via poker. Polk speculated that a trust fund bequeathed to Dan by his father, Paul Bilzerian, might have had a role.

During the podcast, Bilzerian rejected the story, claiming that he was already wealthy by the time his father gave him any money. Polk, on the other hand, isn’t certain this is the case. Polk appears to have no problem with Paul Bilzerian’s success, even though he was indicted for a variety of financial crimes in the 1980s and served a four-year jail sentence, he continued to challenge his son.

Bilzerian Jr has been chastised by fellow poker players and community members as a result of his father’s actions. When Bilzerian Sr was freed from prison, he owed the government millions of dollars, which he was never able to recoup. Many people assumed he had given them to his son, Dan. Polk and Bilzerian Jr continued to walk back and forth for two hours, discussing Bilzerian’s fortune.

Polk peppered Bilzerian with questions about his fortune, including how he acquired it and how much of his present net worth he owes to poker. He particularly requested that Bilzerian break everything down based on both in-person and online gaming.

Polk Still Not Convinced

Bilzerian simply stated that he had built up his bankroll by first playing online and then taking his winnings to the Bellagio, where he participated in mid-range games. One of Bilzerian’s most well-known accomplishments was also mentioned.

He is said to have made $400,000 in a single month at Bodog. Polk, on the other hand, was unsatisfied with any of the explanations and kept questioning where he obtained the money – or, at the very least, where the remainder of the money came from. Bilzerian was irritated by the constant interrogation, so Polk simply stated.

“You are saying that you made all your money from poker. The story is important,” Polk told Bilzerian. He then brought up Bilzerian’s father, saying that if the general public was to trust him, it was necessary to light clarity on the player’s assertions. However, Polk maintained that if Bilzerian’s statements were valid, confirming them would be simple.

In high-stakes private games, Bilzerian continued his line of argument and added that he had played against many wealthy people and professional players, including Antonio Esfandiari, Andrew Robl, and Jean-Robert Bellande.

They would undoubtedly be able to verify his statements, Bilzerian argued. That forced Polk to acknowledge that Bilzerian may have obtained his large fortune through poker. Bilzerian’s net worth is reported to be $200 million, and he has stated repeatedly that he is unconcerned about what others think of him.

Overall, the podcast was entertaining to watch, and Bilzerian was shown to be a composed man even when confronted with a difficult line of questions. That is unquestionably a poker pro quality. Everybody can enjoy playing qq slot at GGPoker.

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