Searching for the best way to convert Youtube video to MP3 is actually easy. There are several video formats that can be converted, including mp4 and mkv. To do so, you’ll need to make use of a few tools that you can easily use later.

Converting mp4 files to mp3 audio is the process of converting mp4 files to mp3 audio. It’s also known as compresses in this scenario, because when an mp4 file is converted to an mp3, the file automatically reduces in size, which is why it’s termed compress.

Now, in this article, we’ll show you how to convert video to mp3. We’ll show you two methods, one for converting video to mp3 offline and the other for converting mp4 to mp3 online.

The Best Way to Convert Youtube Video to Mp3 Offline and Online

Then, when you go online, you can change it quickly and easily, but you’ll have to upload and download the converted file later.

The benefit of converting video to audio using the online technique is that it is not only faster, but it also allows you to convert mp4 videos to mp3 on Android and PC, allowing you to convert immediately on your Android phone as well as on a computer or laptop, provided you have an internet connection.

1. How to Convert Video to MP3 on Android Phone (Offline)

In the first tutorial we can use the MP3 Converter application, to be able to convert videos to mp3, here’s how to convert videos to mp3.

  • First of all, you need to download and install the MP3 Converter application
  • Download video from Youtube
  • After that you open the application and select Video to Audio
  • Then select a video that you want to convert to mp3
  • To continue select mp3 and click convert, wait until the process of converting video to mp3 is complete

It Is very easy to do, you can use it for free with various video formats that can be converted into audio or mp3.

2. Convert Video to MP3 Online on Mobile Phone

For the second way, you can try using the following website, this website can convert videos to mp3. For example to convert mp4 to mp3 very quickly without additional applications.

  • First of all you open an converter application
  • Then click the Select or Drop File section and select the video you want to convert
  • After that you select the file format to be mp3, and click start
  • Wait for the conversion process to finish
  • Then click download to be able to save the converted results

3. Convert Video to MP3 on Laptop (Online)

For those of you laptop users, you can use this third method, it’s still the same as the second method actually. Here you can also use the MP3Juices website. This website can help you to convert video to mp3 easily. Here’s how to convert video to mp3 on laptop and PC.

  • The first step, please open the website MP3Juice
  • Then copy link video from Youtube
  • Paste the link to the search bar column
  • You will see the preview from the video
  • Choose convert to MP3
  • And click download button, your MP3 will be downloaded automatically

Now you already know what is the best way to convert Youtube video to MP3. You can choose those 3 ways that will help you.