Some people may wonder, are there any laws prohibiting sex offenders from gambling in las vegas? Hm, they should know the story of these women. 

Are There Any Laws Prohibiting Sex Offenders from Gambling in Las Vegas?

Picking up the dice, a fashionable dark haired woman in sunglasses, who resembled Jacqueline Onassis, blew on them and shook them in the air over her right ear.

“Six, six, six,” she said, hoping and praying to no one in particular among the ten or so men gathered around a craps table in the Flamingo Hotel’s casino the other day. The woman muttered a familiar four-letter word when the dice came up to seven.

Mrs. Barbara Gaz away, a soft spoken 38-year-old Southern belle who works as the executive director of the Mental Health Association in Huntsville, Ala.

However, things happen in Las Vegas, and Mrs. Gazaway, who was in town with her husband, A. J. Jr., for an insurance convention, said even her fellow “good Methodists” in Huntsville would understand.

“Oh, heavens,” the slender mother of four said, removing the dark-tinted, non-prescription sunglasses she always wears for good luck at the craps tables.

Strictly for Fun

“After all, I’m only in it for the fun of it; I only spend $20 a day.” Sagittarians love to gamble, and I’m a Sagittarius.”

Geminis, Libras, Scorpios, and women born under the other Zodiac signs, it appears, do as well. According to casino officials, employees, and gamblers, an increasing number of women are showing up at America’s adult Disneyland’s casinos with money (or chips) in hand in the hopes of winning The Big Casino.

There are no estimates available for the percentage of gamblers who are women, and no one knows how much of the casinos’ gross gaming revenue of $476,126,720 was contributed by unlucky women in 1972.

However, anyone visiting the casino slot online here will notice that the majority of female gamblers still tend to move toward the garish, red and green neon slot machines, where about two out of every three players are female. 

According to people in the gambling industry, the number drops to about one out of every seven at the gaming tables, but this is still a significant increase from previous years.

Annual Trip

In reality, no one would be able to tell the difference. Inside the casinos in this 24-hour-a-day town, the lighting never changes, whether it’s 12 p.m. or 12 a.m. If you think about it, which most people don’t, this can be creepy.

Mrs. Krupp, who works as a ball bearing wrapper at a GM plant in Bristol, Connecticut, said she and her husband went to Las Vegas once a year with about $900 to spend on gambling. “But I eventually lost what I won,” she says, referring to a $120 jackpot she won from a dollar slot machine.

The majority of the female gamblers are plump, middle aged, and middle class, with the stereotypical bouffant hairdos and green eyeshadow. 

Clothing is casual, with pants suits being the most common, but long skirts are popular in the evening. Young hippies and black women gamblers are uncommon in casinos.

A Healthy Gambler

Mrs. Ross describes herself as a “healthy” gambler, in contrast to her husband, who she claims gambled his way out of a $100,000-a-year business.

He’s now a member of the Gamblers Anonymous Las Vegas chapter, a worldwide organization with 5,000 members, about 3% of whom are women. 

Mrs. Ross is a volunteer for the organization, though she still attends the champagne breakfasts at Caesar’s Palace on occasion.

Mrs. Ross, like the majority of the women gamblers here, prefers to play the slots or the roulette wheel, with the occasional trip to the black jack table thrown in for good measure.

Then, are there any laws prohibiting sex offenders from gambling in las vegas? The answer is no!. Whomever you are, men or women, as long as you are under the gambling age in Las Vegas, you can play there.